Big Breakfast

Bluebell CDP Big Breakfast

Friday mornings

9:30am — 11am

We serve a full fry-up OR cereal and fruit for just €2!

People can enjoy the food, music, and socialise with others in the community.


Bluebell Community Lotto

BCDP Lotto

The lotto draw takes places at 11:30am every Friday morning in the Bluebell Community Centre. All are welcome to attend the draw!

Lotto tickets available every morning at the Bluebell Shops, or anytime from Bluebell Community Development Project.

Proceeds from the Bluebell Community Lotto fund the various outreach activities and classes of the Bluebell Community Development Project.


Daily Outreach

We run a daily outreach program to the elderly in our community.

During their home visits, our dedicated staff will often make small repairs and report larger maintenance issues to Dublin City Council. Our staff will follow up on these reports and continue to apply the appropriate pressure on the relevant parties until the issue has been resolved.  Sometimes the simplest tasks of sharing a cup of tea or just changing a light bulb can make a difference.

We run a host of services that cater to both the physical and emotional needs of some of the most vulnerable and often overlooked group in our community.

We also deliver hot meals on Saturday and Sunday which complements the Monday — Friday service to our older residents, particularly those living in sheltered housing.


Care and Repair Services

Bluebell CDP Care and Repair / Gardening

Our Care and Repair team will carry out minor household jobs, completely free of charge!


Coffee Morning

Bluebell CDP Coffee Morning

Forget about all those tasks and chores for a couple of hours and come along and join us for a nice cup of tea or coffee and a scone or a biscuit or two!

Enjoy chatting about all sorts of things and putting the world to rights in a warm and welcoming environment. The more people that come along, the merrier!

Tuesday Mornings

10:30am — 12pm

All Welcome!


Holistic Healing 

Bluebell CDP Holistic Healing

Holistic healers channel universal energy through their hands into the recipient to help balance the body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We all have an energy system which flows inside and around the physical body like an electric current, becoming stronger and more concentrated at the seven major intersections, known as chakra points. When energy is flowing well through these points you feel well, content and free of illness and disease.

If energy is not in balance, chronic illness, stress, anxiety or other debilitating symptoms may surface. Energy channelled into the body replenishes depleted reservoirs, clears blockages and brings about peace, relaxation and healing in a very gentle and non-invasive way.

Spiritual healing involves no physical contact: the therapist’s energy-conducting hands hover above the clothed body, directly over the chakras and within the client’s extraneous energy field.

Monday — Friday (by appointment only)

€10 per 20min session


Deep Tissue Massage 

Bluebell CDP Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is one of those things that can be seen on the “I can’t afford it” or “it would be nice, but…” or “once a year” list. However massage should be considered a big part of your path to being forever fit. It plays a definite roll in your long-term health.

Regular massage can ease back pain and improve your range of motion. Massage can help improve the muscles ability to get stronger.

When your body is massaged, you are getting oxygen and nutrients pumped to tissues and organs, thus improving circulation. It relaxes and softens injured, tired and overused muscles. It releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers. Massage can also enhance sleep quality, give you greater energy and reduce fatigue.

Monday — Friday (by appointment only)

€10 per 20min session